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OD in the West: Sabrina opens up about subsidies and power outages

OD in the West: Sabrina opens up about subsidies and power outages

Sabrina hasn’t had an easy experience. double occupation this year. Russian montage of emotions, I tested it at a speed of 200 km / h, not connected.

Fortunately, she was well supported in the process, especially while watching episodes in the House of the Eliminates. ” I was accompanied by a nanny who was already there to support me. Also, I was with Matthew [le nouveau candidat, récemment éliminé]. Matthew is truly an “easy going” person, who takes life lightly. He was really there to bring me happiness and lightness. He made me do activities during the day, and we went for walks. In the evening, it was time to watch. Sometimes I cry, he would give me time with the nanny, and then we would play cards. It went really well, I had good support there ‘ she tells us.

Then, upon his return to Montreal, the production allowed him to call his sister. ” You have followed me in my approach after OD with La Semaine des 4 Julie, J Influence and Rouge FM. I didn’t want anyone to hug me and cry, I guess I did enough, I just needed to see someone I know who loves me, and knows what I deserve. You just had fun and made me laugh. »

She notes that the most difficult moment to review was this famous gig. ” I found it hard to see myself like this, I didn’t like it ‘, set. ” I drank a lot, and I had a lot of discomfort and anxiety. It was hard for me at the end, and I saw the end coming and this party, I wish I could have done without it, but it’s over, it’s over. »

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Sabrina asserts that she does not remember her discussion with Pierre Alexandre. ” I couldn’t remember anything at all, but I got anxious the next morning, so I suspected something had happened during the party. I asked the girls a lot of questions, but from their point of view nothing happened, except that I was very cheerful that evening, and therefore I was very happy, and I seemed to be having fun. For my part, despite the anxiety ball, I wouldn’t have thought, zero plus one bar, that this had happened. […] When I listened to it, I felt like I was the audience, because, for me, I hadn’t experienced it. »

She adds: I offended so much [de l’alcool]. But you need to remember that there is not only the “alcohol” factor in all this, we are in anxiety-provoking situations, we live in an unusual way, we have no control over anything. I just leave. I was experiencing discomfort. I drank a lot, yes, but maybe I was tired, I didn’t eat enough. There are other factors involved. »

Sabrina looks back strange exclusion : « I wanted to leave. I kept putting my feet up, it was a sign that I wasn’t feeling well anymore. It was my turn. The reaction is the fact that I wanted to leave like a normal elimination and not a switch, even if in everyday life I’m sure Sarah Dunya is a girl I would do really well with. Nothing against it. My little pride was off to change like this. The speech went on for a long time, and I thought to myself that we could stop beating in the bush. “Just say I, it’s okay. There -40, we’re in our clothes outside, we’re sick, we just want to go, can you just say I’m in the envelope?!” It was nothing against Nicolas or against anyone. »

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The kinesiology student wants to see Ines and Stevens win. “ I think they do it the right way, and they respect each other a lot at that. »

Monday, on the set of week 4 julySabrina also debunked some rumors about her, including the content of her reconciliations with Nick while traveling, and the disappearance of her Instagram account. Read it all here.