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OD in the West: Exclusion stirs crowds

OD in the West: Exclusion stirs crowds

This Sunday, two boys and two girls had to choose the candidate and the candidate who was disqualified from the week.

Instead of prioritizing love, as is customary in dual occupations, the decision makers made a strategic choice, deciding to get rid of the couple they “didn’t want to see with them in the final.”

Thus, Sarah Dunya and Philip, who had recently arrived at the homes, had to pack their belongings.

This decision is far from unanimous among fans, even if they admit that they were shocked on social networks. Alexandra publicly asked to leave the adventure, having experienced strong and violent emotions in the past weeks, however, they turned to another adventure.

That’s not the only thing that irritated viewers during this episode elsewhere. Fans are teased with the way the girls treat Marilou. In addition, they blame him for his isolation, which is directly related to alibi. as Sarah Donia was the first to defend the young model loudly and clearly, the audience fears for the safety of the latter, who will now be alone against everyone.

Could this transformation benefit Marilou and Robin in the final? Can the public vote for them to denounce the “bullying” of Marilou’s other girls? We’ll find out in a couple of weeks…

It is reported that the final destination was announced this evening, but The information had been leaked before that’s why.

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