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OD: Florence opens up about her relationship with Isaac

OD: Florence opens up about her relationship with Isaac

It is on his Instagram Florence Pelzela former candidate forOD MartiniqueHe admitted that he was no longer in a relationship with him Isaac!

During Question and answer formatthe model opened up on a few topics and answered, among others, the question that was burning everyone’s lips: What’s up with Isaac and you?

“(…) We are not a couple, not together, when it all happened in reality, I just needed to understand it, I needed time for me (…) I am single, but I really want to … I will not be ready now (…), an affirmation that follows the passage you noted Florence on set The week of July 4th!

Florence then claimed that she did not know the former model and dancer outside of the adventure double occupationwhich we remember, is part of it Boys who had to be removed from the adventure because of their bad behaviour allegedly!

The former candidate explained: “(…) would I have known Isaac and had planned to set myself up before the start of the OD, not because I had not known him, nor had I seen him anywhere else (…)”!

Many people have questioned this topic given that Florence had a romantic relationship Karl Saburina former candidate forOD South Africa And that Carl and Isaac know each other so well!

Only after answering a few questions did Florence finish the Q&A, and to be honest, we would have liked more…

What other topics would you like to cover in Florence?