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OD BBQ: The Trailer Will Make You Never Want To Miss An Episode!

OD BBQ: The Trailer Will Make You Never Want To Miss An Episode!

IF YOU NEED A DRAMA (ordouble occupation), I know thatfrom bbq Not late April Fools’ Day, but it’s actually a reunion show of the former candidates offrom Who, about a few grilled meats, will shout out each other’s head in order to solve the problems of the past. Sounds like perfect entertainment to us, right?

In the trailer released on Friday, we note that the former participants of the editions from my mindAnd the from GreeceAnd the OD South Africa And the OD with us are present. We actually see in pictures of ex-husbands, like Busy Bowden And the Oliver CoutureAnd the Jesse Nadeau And the PH . canteen as such Alex Anne Obe Kopel And the Kyari Gerba. Until we see the beautiful Yan Kachuni Sharing how he really feels about his ex-girlfriend, Julie Ann HoRebuild the adventure Dr’double occupation last fall. He looks nothing but indifference!

Despite some pictures where we see funny moments with the ex-candidates grinning, towards the end of the trailer, the feud arrives and that’s where it gets shaky.

Also, at some point, between two absurdities, there is Adamo Marinaci, who looks like he’s ready to celebrate his bachelorette party. Something he didn’t seem to see was coming, and neither were we!

We can also see Trudy SimonoAnd the Claudie Mercier And the Matthew BellerinAnd the future dad LP Lacroix, the beautiful Sancdric LavoieAnd the Renault BlanchettAnd the The other future dad Jonathan Fortin, The professional reality tv Kevin LaPereAnd the Karl SaborinAnd the Camille DufresneAnd the Karen Saint MichaelAnd the future mother Maud LavoieAnd the Catherine Paquin “Peach”And the rhyme weep and her boyfriend Chris Robbins as well as participants inOD with us.

Everything will be led by Mrs. Bhagai herself, Jai Do . Temple.

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from bbq It will be available at From 30 June.