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Octave Klapa takes charge of Qwant

Octave Klapa takes charge of Qwant

The big Octave Klaba project is in progress. The founder of OVH has finished creating a new entity called Synfonium, the goal of which is to build “ European champion for cloud-based services Under the umbrella of Synfonium we will find Shadow, the cloud PC service that the entrepreneur acquired in April 2021, and Qwant.

Octave Klapa in 2019. Photo WebSummit (CC BY)

Not surprisingly, Octave Klapa has been eyeing the search engine for a while. He has Certain Today Synfonium has acquired 100% of Qwant, with the help of Caisse des Dépôts (which owns 25% of the entity’s share capital). In the process, he also captured the entire Shadow capital.

After Shadow, OVH founder wants to acquire Qwant and create a ‘European Champion’

The strategic details of this new adventure will be presented at the beginning of the school year, but the idea is ” Integration of the entire EU technology ecosystem “in which we shall find” search engine, free services, collaborative suite, social login, as well as the services of our technical partners The services that will be provided through Synfonium will be Free and paid », targeting the general public as well as business clients.

Octave Klapa has no illusions: ” The road is long, complicated and expensive He does not know if success is at the end of the road. But the game is worth the candle where it is today” A real expectation that this platform will be in a Cloud SaaS EU that respects our European values ​​and laws “.