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“Obviously very frustrating.” - Auston Matthews

“Obviously very frustrating.” – Auston Matthews

The Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t been able to win one playoff round in each of the past five seasons, but forward Auston Matthews believes these multiple failures will make the team even better.

Toronto’s latest underperformance came last season, as they slipped their 3-1 lead in the first straight first round against the Montreal Canadiens to lose in seven games.

“He’s obviously very disappointed” after being chosen as a player to be on the cover of the NHL 22 video game, he told ESPN on Thursday. It’s boring now. People have their opinions and they can say whatever they want, they have all the rights, but I really believe in this team and the players that make it up, the core in particular. I really think we will achieve many things. We will be better after these defeats in the face of adversity.

“We can just move on. The loss in qualifying is constant. There is no other way to say. It was disappointing. But the feeling will be better when we win.”

On a personal note, Matthews is currently recovering from a wrist surgery he had earlier in August, following an injury that occurred while training.

The Maple Leafs star should be back in time to start next season.

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