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Objective: "Reduce transmission before fall"

Objective: “Reduce transmission before fall”

Dr. Marie-France Renaud said at a press conference Thursday that public health wants to limit transmission of COVID-19 in Quebec before autumn arrives.

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“Although transmission appears to be slowing, it is still high and has consequences in care networks,” said the chief strategic medical advisor to the Directorate General of Public Health in the Department of Health and Social Services (MSSS).

Ms Renault also said that half of the patients hospitalized with coronavirus do not end up in hospital for treatment of the virus, but rather are declared infected after being hospitalized for another health problem.

Dr. Renault wanted to remind Quebecers of the importance of continuing to implement health measures.

“All the efforts that we can collectively unite will allow us not to worsen the current situation,” she said.

I remembered that it is important to refrain from going out when you feel symptoms of COVID and to wear a mask if you have to go to work.

Dr. Reno notes that “many people develop symptoms in workplaces or family gatherings.”

The latter reminds us to take a quick test as soon as symptoms appear.

If the result is positive, you should isolate yourself for five days, and then wear a mask when you go out for the next five days.

“We are contagious for 10 days, so we are asking people, after the initial isolation, to wear a mask and stick to basic activities,” the doctor explained.

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“The isolation period may be longer if symptoms persist,” Dr. Marie-France Renaud added.