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Oakland confinement: 'These mysterious cases are still arriving'

Oakland confinement: ‘These mysterious cases are still arriving’

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Monday that Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, will remain confined for at least an additional week to curb the spread of a delta variable that is “on the rise”.

M explained.I Ardern.

Ms Ardern added: “These mysterious cases continue to emerge and what we are concerned about is finding them through surveillance and population screening, rather than contact tracing.”

New Zealand imposed a national lockdown on August 17 as soon as the first case of the highly contagious delta variant emerged.

But the containment order was lifted last week across the country except for Auckland where all new cases were reported in the city.

The prime minister has ruled out lifting Auckland’s strict containment before September 21, but has estimated that the city, which is currently on alert 4, or maximum level, should go down one step.

With 33 local cases reported in the city on Monday, Ardern said she was concerned about lifting restrictions early.

She said, “The number of (cases) is increasing, and this is clear over the past three days.”

“This does not mean that the collective efforts that were made in Auckland did not make a difference,” El-Master continued.I Ardern.

New Zealand is pursuing a “zero COVID” strategy that aims to eliminate all traces of the coronavirus from its territory, which has resulted in 27 deaths out of 5 million people since the start of the pandemic.

No cases were detected in the population for six months before the cases broke out in August, allowing New Zealanders to enjoy a near-normal life outside of closed international borders.

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The emergence of the delta variant caused an immediate shutdown due to one of the lowest vaccination rates in developed countries, with about a third of the eligible population being fully vaccinated.

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