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Nutritionist in Moncton joins the Toronto Maple Leafs

Nutritionist in Moncton joins the Toronto Maple Leafs

Originally from Fredericton, she runs a business from her home in Moncton.

When I heard that a position on the Toronto team was available, I started dreaming.

I’m in cloud nine, can’t wait to take on this new role. We dream of working with an organization of this kind, especially considering that I come from a small placeas you say.

You will be a sports nutritionist and join the existing sports nutrition team within the organization.

Complete experience with athletes

Natasha McLaughlin Chesson’s career means she has many important experiences with athletes. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics, she then pursued a two-year specialized training with the International Olympic Committee requiring residency in Lausanne, Switzerland.

I have been working with athletes of all sports and all levels for twelve years. Traveled internationally with the national cycling team as well as partnering with other sports locally, she explained.

Over the past 10 years, agents for NHL players have already called up his services. This is definitely what brings me to this situation with Maple Leafs, she believes.

The role of nutrition in sports is very different from what it was when I graduated from school.

It’s amazing how science develops, says McLaughlin Chaison. As I often say: Nutrition is not an opinion, it is a science. As science evolves, the impact on performance becomes more and more apparent. When I was in college, there was no sports nutrition course, we didn’t know it existed. Initially, it was developed mainly in Australia. All this until the athlete develops his full potential.

Natasha McLaughlin Chesson plans to keep her job in Moncton despite her new job, which could mean some delay for her clients in New Brunswick.

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