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Now your mom can choose your next date, the panty party is over

Now your mom can choose your next date, the panty party is over

If you’re sharing your favorites with your friends or loved ones to get their opinions, know that Tinder has just launched a feature you should really like on its dating app.

Tinder has introduced a new “matchmaker” feature that allows users to share their profiles with friends and family. This new feature It will help singles to ask their friends and family for advice on meeting new people. Tinder Matchmaker feature is coming It will now be launched in France As well as in other countries.

This new tool gives the user access to their potential encounters with up to a maximum of 15 friends over a 24-hour period. They can therefore consult profiles and suggest potential meetings even if they do not have a Tinder account, But there are still certain limits.

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Tinder wants to let your friends interfere with your dating

For years, singles have been asking their friends to help them find their next partner on Tinder said Melissa Hubley, Director of Marketing at Tinder. ” Tinder Matchmaker brings your circle of trust to your love journey and helps you see possibilities you may have overlooked from your loved one’s perspective “.

As you will understand, after clicking on the link, the appointed matchmaker can access your account and then has the whole day to recommend profiles to their loved ones. However, friends and family with association Messages cannot be sent on behalf of the user. finally, It is always the user who decides who he chooses to like.

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After 24 hours, profiles liked by matchmakers will be marked as “Recommended”. According to a study commissioned by Tinder, More than 75% of young singles discuss their dating habits several times a month with their friends, so this feature will greatly simplify the process. Furthermore, if you’ve ever “matched” with someone but realized they ultimately weren’t right for you, there’s a way to delete the match.