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Novak Djokovic's class

Novak Djokovic’s class

What sets great athletes apart are the little things they do on and off the field. Novak Djokovic falls into this category.

After the meeting, the number one racket in the world did not hesitate to pay tribute to Denis Shapovalov during his meeting on the field. You’d think it was only for the cameras, but it wasn’t.

The Serb went to meet the Canadian in the locker room to put a few words of encouragement for him. Not all athletes do this.

“I wish he was my mentor one day because that would mean he wouldn’t play anymore,” Shapovalov said with a laugh. He’s an incredible person.”

“Seeing him enter the locker room to say a few words to me, it means a lot to me. He didn’t have to. He told me he understood very well the feelings I was going through. He added that my turn would come. […] It’s amazing that someone like him would tell you that. He didn’t have to. It shows what kind of individual he is.”

bubble story

A few weeks ago, Shapovalov announced that he would not defend Canada’s colors at the Tokyo Olympics. And take off the veil on Friday for the reasons for his decision.

“It has a lot to do with the limitations, being in a bubble again and the whole situation [de la COVID-19]Shapovalov explained. I have been in England for a month. Mentally, I’m empty and it’s not easy for anyone.”

“It is a big part of my decision. Of course, I wanted to play in the Olympics and represent my country. It is a dream for me.”

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And it went even further in the sacrifices that players have to make due to restrictions.

“It puts a lot of pressure on you. It is very hard on the mind. I am deprived of all this situation, of procedures. We cannot go anywhere. It is not easy for anyone.”