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Novak Djokovic, "persona non grata" in tennis

Novak Djokovic, “persona non grata” in tennis

Spain followed Australia’s example in Novak Djokovic’s case, as it will prevent the Serbs from entering their country and participating in the Madrid Open at the end of April, if he has not yet been vaccinated.

This was announced by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Monday.

After a long legal battle between the world’s leading racket and Australia, for the same reasons, before the start of the first major tournament of the year, the Oceanic country expelled “Djoko” from its territory.

Sanchez also praised the decision. According to statements reported by CNN, he said that “the rules are applied, they must be followed, and there is no one above them.” If these are the rules that the Australian government has voted on, they should apply.

To enter Spain, a visitor must provide complete proof of vaccination, as well as a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of setting foot there or a certificate proving that the person has the virus and that we have recovered.

However, Spain is not the first country to support Australia by stating that it will not allow the holder of 20 major ATP Tour titles to land within its borders. France, which is hosting Roland Garros, the second major tournament of the year, also confirmed at the end of May its intention to welcome only vaccinated athletes, much to the chagrin of all Serbs who support their idol.

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