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Notebook: The Complete Disappearance of Moi

Notebook: The Complete Disappearance of Moi

Former international player and then Algerian coach Kamel Lamoi passed away yesterday at the age of 82. He has also managed MCA and CRB multiple times.

A native of Aurès, he left very young to play in France at Racing de Paris and then at Beziers before returning to Independence to advance successively to US Biskra, MCA, CRB, Olympic Médéa and then JS El Biar.

He would be international for five years from 1963 to 1968 or his profile as a versatile striker offers many possibilities for coaches.

The coach will also be a career that he will start very early on, with beginning coaching at the age of 23 before becoming a coach – a player at the age of 27 at the CRB and then at several clubs.

His coaching record was marked by the Algerian champion title with MCA in 1978. He would then lead the Algerian junior team, Madjer and Belloumi in 1979. He would find them in A’s choice as head coach ten years later, but his mission ended with the Greens not qualifying for the 1990 World Cup after Egypt’s elimination.

His career ended abroad, mainly in Libya and then in the Emirates where Algerian skills were in demand and he won several titles.


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