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Not easy circumstances for Canada

Not easy circumstances for Canada

This summer’s World Junior Championships isn’t exactly the best for youngsters. After all, usually, in the heart of summer, young people prepare for their next season.

That’s why at Montreal Canadiens we don’t want to send high hopes into the tournament. Slovaks, at least, will not go there according to the recommendations of the Montreal administration.

And, obviously, everything indicates that this will also be the case with Kaiden Guhle. It’s been a long time since we’ve been talking about the truth of it Guhle can/should take time off to focus on his season at.

And here we can, if we want, read another clue: Louis Robitaille does not seem to take his presence into account.

CMJ’s assistant coach, who is leaving for the tournament today, has been called in to talk about the club’s mentality. According to his words, Canada is heading for gold and will not want to “build for the future” at the expense of the men who will be there in six months.

It should be noted that Quebec, among its veterans, did not mention the name of Captain Cayden Jules. He will likely be one of the veteran players who will miss the tournament due to the timing of the tournament.

Our 19-year-old players, like [Kent] JohnsonAnd the [Donovan] Sebrango And the [Brett] Brochu, this is their last chance to get involved. They want to win now, not build for the future. – Louis Ropitel

Obviously, we can’t conclude that Guhle would be absent based on Robitaille’s comments alone. That would be disingenuous because he didn’t say anything, In an article by Radio Canadais clear for this.

But it’s proof, nonetheless.

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But that’s not the only reason why Canada is tough. After all, by force of circumstance, with the scandal airing Hockey Canada, there will be impacts on the players on the ice.

Because yes, team leadership starts from the top. Look at the Canadian who, last year, was going poorly when there was uncertainty surrounding Mark Bergivian’s future and which settled when the trio of Jeff Gorton, Kent Hughes and Martin St.

We understand why the World Golf Championships have been rumored to be cancelled under these circumstances because many countries are having problems bringing the best players into the tournament. However, even if it is small, it is still better than nothing, right?

And above all, hockey will have us following this summer.

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