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Not before 2023-2024, according to Andrew Zadarnovsky

Not before 2023-2024, according to Andrew Zadarnovsky

I still don’t know which player the Canadians will pick in the next draft, but let’s say no matter who ends up in Montreal, the team will have an excellent player on their hands to help rebuild the team.

Opinions vary across social media. We know Grant McCagg is a supporter of Slavkovsky, while others want to draft Shane Wright and that a small portion of the experts will target Logan Cooley.

Andrew Zadarnovsky, a fairly popular columnist for the site Eyes on the prize And an analyst on Trois-Rivières Lions and Rocket and The Canadiens, he doesn’t seem to be a favorite – at least in his tweet below – but he’s still considering a potential starting year for all three hopes.

According to him, Shane Wright will not play in the NHL next year. He will have to wait until the 2023-2024 season. Juraj Slafkovsky will play in the NHL next year, but not Logan Cooley, who will have to wait until 2024-2025.

Will Wright play in OHL next year? Honestly, I don’t see how OHL would benefit from a potential first draft pick, but he won’t be eligible for MLS next year because he’s a Canadian rookie so he can’t before his 20th birthday.

And even if he wasn’t recruited by Montreal on July 7, I think he’d have a safe place with demons or wolves.

In my opinion, Wright and Slavkowski will play in the NHL in 2022. Cooley, it remains to be seen, but if there’s one of the three not playing in the NHL next year, it’s him.

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Last year, Owen Power became the first overall draft pick not to play in the Major League after a year in the draft since Eric Johnson. Will one of these three young men become the next to “achieve such a feat”?

In short, the debate over which player will be drafted by the Canadians is far from over and will continue for another month. But to say that Wright won’t play in the National Hockey League next year is a bit extreme, isn’t it?

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