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Nostradamus of Quebec warns us

Nostradamus of Quebec warns us

On the airwaves of BPM Sports, the popular Mathias Brunet once again surprised by announcing an interesting comparison between prospect Zain Parekh and rising NHL star Quinn Hughes.

Quebec's Nostradamus Known for predicting the Montreal Canadiens' selection of David Reinbacher over Matvey Myshkov, Brunet is attracting attention with his latest prophecy.

Harking back to Trevor Timmins' controversial prediction in 2018 that Quinn Hughes is a risky player defensively, Brunet sarcastically points out that Hughes is currently in contention to win the Norris Trophy.

This reference serves as the background to Brunet's warning against repeating the mistakes of the past.

Nostradamus Quebecois insists on the fact that Zayne Parekh's profile bears an uncanny resemblance to Quinn Hughes' profile during his draft.

However, the announcement raises questions, especially after Brunet previously favored a defenseman over Matvei Mychkov in the previous draft.

Despite the wealth of young defensive talent in the Montreal Canadiens organizational structure, Brunet calls for caution and avoid repeating the mistakes of 2018 by overlooking promising defensive talent.

However, doubts are emerging about the immediate need for another defender in a bank already full of prospects.

Brunet's call for caution is balanced by the voice of fanaticism expressing the urgent desire to strengthen the offensive in Montreal.

The question arises: why do you still have a defender?

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Will Quebec's Nostradamus be wrong this time?

The future will tell, but one thing is certain: the draft saga and Mathias Brunet's projections will continue to spark discussions in the Quebec hockey world.

Must be followed carefully.