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Norwegian Cruise Line: Not welcome despite the two vaccinations

Norwegian Cruise Line: Not welcome despite the two vaccinations

A Quebecer who dreamed of going to the sun had to cancel his trip when he learned that his cruise line, Norwegian Cruise Line, was denying access to those who, like him and 2.5 million other Canadians, changed their vaccines between the two doses.

“We were happy to leave. […] Let’s say our boat took the water too fast,” regrets Jerome Goderault, a regular on cruises.

The man from Valcartier is opposed to the decision of the Canadian and Quebec governments to allow mixed vaccination when it eventually deprives a class of citizens of certain liberties.

Jerome Goudreau and his wife Osen Jacques were due to embark on the Norwegian Encore voyage.

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Jerome Goudreau and his wife Osen Jacques were due to embark on the Norwegian Encore voyage.

“We say yes, thinking we’ll be free, but that’s not the case in the end,” said the person, who was going on a Caribbean cruise from Miami January 2-9, 2022.

Everything was planned and ready to buy, but before sending his payment, he preferred to read all the exact texts of the contract between him and the shipping company. This is where the bad surprise came in.

“No one told us that when we bought it,” said Mr. Jodrault indignantly.

mixed vaccination

The Norwegian wrote on her website that “mixed vaccination protocols will not be accepted.”.

When questioned by the cruise line, Jerome Goudreau was told that the measure should have been relaxed by then, but that there was no need to take the risk.

“Of course they want me to buy, because after a certain date, they no longer pay, they only return travel credit,” the frustrated traveler explains.

“I have the impression that this will become their business model for the next few months,” adds the person who is witnessing today to prevent others from losing money.

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Procedures are in progress

When questioned about this topic, the health ministries at both government levels have confirmed that the mixture of vaccines provides good protection. As for the disadvantages of not recognizing abroad, steps are underway.

“The Quebec government is currently in discussions with the federal government so that the protests are brought forward so that the AstraZeneca and Covishield vaccines are more widely recognized internationally, as well as the mixed calendar,” confirms Noémie Vanheuverzwijn, MSSS spokesperson.

Even if we ascertain the effectiveness of the combination vaccines and the course of the procedures, the situation makes Jerome Goudreau doubtful.

“I am 100% vaccinated and we trust the people who rule us, but if other countries don’t follow through with the decisions they make, I start to be suspicious.”

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Vaccine interchangeability

in Canada

  • can be confused Vaccines
  • to Combined Vaccines Allowing people to be recognized as ‘completely immune’
  • According to the latest data, 2.6 million Canadians Receiving combination vaccines
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in the United States of America

  • For a “full vaccination” to be recognized, a person must have received Two doses of the same recognized vaccine By the CDC or the World Health Organization (WHO): AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Sinovac
  • The idea of ​​a “full vaccination” It is not forbidden to enter the countryBut it does require some tests. However, a person whose vaccines are not recognized may be denied access to some private places (eg cruises).

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