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Northern Lights in Quebec: Edit your schedule for these dates in June

Northern Lights in Quebec: Edit your schedule for these dates in June

Were you amazed by the northern lights a few weeks ago or did you miss them? The spectacular celestial spectacle could be happening again by June, and you may have another chance to enjoy these lights soon.

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A few nights either side of Thursday, June 6, during the new moon, are likely the best time for another viewing of the northern lights.

Solar activity has calmed since the intense geomagnetic storm of May 10-11, which caused northern lights around the world.

France Press agency

Explosions occurred on the surface of the sun, and the plasma reached the Earth, creating this optical phenomenon. Indeed, solar energy particles collided with gases in the atmosphere, according to the Canadian Space Agency.

Return spot AR3664

The solar flares and mass emission that cause auroras come from sunspots — dark clumps visible on the Sun's surface that are the scene of intense magnetic activity, explains an article in Forbes.

But generally matter only forms when these spots are close to the center of the Sun, and are thus projected through space toward Earth.

Because the Sun rotates every 27 days, the sunspot that caused the event on May 10-11, AR3664, has been on the other side of the Sun for several weeks.

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It returned to our axis at the end of May, with a strong solar flare on Monday, May 27, in addition to intense geomagnetic activity, according to Forbes.

After 27 days

If AR3664 remains active, it will be possible to observe the aurora about 27 days after the events of May 10, which falls on June 6.

It's also New Year's Eve, which is crucial, because only in a dark sky can the aurora be seen with the naked eye. The May new moon occurred on May 8, bringing total darkness to the night sky.

Therefore, the environment will be suitable for observing the northern lights on this date; The Moon will be invisible to us due to its position between the Earth and the Sun.

How to prepare for it?

Even if solar activity is intense and conditions are right, it is impossible to predict the Northern Lights accurately.

Will June 6 be a lucky day for Quebec watchers? Nothing is guaranteed. Reliable forecasts are made approximately 24 to 72 hours in advance.

In the meantime, choose a dark location with little to no light pollution.

good luck!