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Norman Flynn was worried about Jonathan Drouin's career

Norman Flynn was worried about Jonathan Drouin’s career

Norman Flynn expressed concern about Jonathan Drouin’s future during L’Antichambre on Friday night. Darwin’s frequent absences are at the heart of this concern.

Flynn thinks the problem is with Darwin, as the Canadians have shown they can manage without him.

“I’m worried about him. I’m not worried about the Canadian, they would do without Jonathan Drouin. I’m worried about him. I think his career is at stake, and things are not going well for Jonathan Drouin.Jonathan Drouin. This is not how you want it to end. I hope he plays elsewhere and gets his hand back. Because the way he plays, and what he displays, is not going to end well. – Norman Flynn at L’Antichambre, Friday

This discussion took place after the Canadians announced that Darwin had been placed on the infected list again.

The RDS analyst believes a change of scene could help Quebec revive his career, and he missed several meetings last year due to a mental health issue.

“That’s why I want us to find a place for him and relaunch his career. Because he might end up in Montreal with this contract. If we buy him back and there are no other options, it might end up like this. I don’t wish him that, but he doesn’t smell good.” — Norman Flynn At L’Antichambre, Friday

Canadians will have to make a decision soon, because the situation is getting worse for Darwin. A player who misses a lot of games does not benefit his team. He now misses 86 in the past three seasons.

Flynn’s idea of ​​buying his contract isn’t crazy, especially since Canadians would only have to pay $1.833 million annually if they did.

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Is a change of scene expected for Jonathan Drouin? From what we can see, it wouldn’t hurt to go somewhere else and start over, with less stress on his shoulders.

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