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NON-STOP 24/24: Montreal announces a pilot project to revitalize the nightlife

NON-STOP 24/24: Montreal announces a pilot project to revitalize the nightlife

The Arts and Technology Association will serve alcohol 24 hours a day for three days next May as part of a pilot project for the city of Montreal, the first of its kind in the country.

“The nights are full of opportunities for economic, cultural, social and regional development. This pilot project is part of the perspective of reviving and revitalizing night economic activities. Plateau-Mont-Royal Mayor Luc Rabouin, who is also responsible for economic and commercial development, knowledge, innovation and design said: “We are pleased to support this project and this collaboration. With MTL 24/24″.

This is the first time in Canada that permission of this type has been granted to an establishment serving alcoholic beverages. Innovative measures to mitigate inconveniences and reduce harmful effects related to consumption are scheduled for May 21-23 to ensure a safe operation and harmonious coexistence between the participants and the residents of Faubourg Saint Laurent.

“The Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) team is pleased to welcome this pioneering project and thus become the first auditorium in Quebec to be able to benefit from this privilege. This file has been a challenge for us for several years, and our team has all the expertise needed to make this event a real success,” added Jenny Thibault, Executive Director of the Association for Technological Arts.

The city breathes new life into restaurants

Montreal on Thursday also announced a $2 million redemption fund for restaurants and bars to support downtown traffic.

Each organization can receive assistance of up to $15,000. The projects to be supported are internal or external layouts to provide a safe hygienic environment, event promotion, trade show contact and trade show digital marketing.

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“This recovery fund, in line with the financial support granted by the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec, will allow entrepreneurs to be somewhat relieved to resume their activities,” Luc Rebuin emphasized.

This circumstance is accessible from restaurants and bars located in downtown Montreal and its immediate area of ​​influence, ie the ocean from the river and Bonaventure Highway to Rosemont Street/Van Horn and the highway. Decari on Eberville Street.