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Non-compliance with sanitary rules: the upper roof bar is temporarily closed in Morrissey

The Roof Top bar on the Rue des Forges in Trois-Rivières, in Mauricie, is forced to close temporarily until August 16, by order of the regional public health that has sparked non-compliance with certain sanitary rules.

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The owners of the institution intend to cooperate with the Center for Health and Social Services of the Integrated University of Mauricie-et-Center-du-Québec (CIUSSS MCQ).

The bar’s co-owner, reached by phone, confirmed Tommy Boisvert, who was criticized for welcoming too many customers over the July 23 weekend. However, capacity is limited to 50% in rails and this rule has been broken.

Queue management issues were also raised.

“Yes, we should have people who control better on the outside,” Boisvert said.

According to the latter, a CIUSSS worker could have visited the building on Wednesday, citing deficiencies in the presentation of instructions.

Many rules regarding the consumption of alcohol at the table and wearing a mask when traveling must be respected, said CIUSSS MCQ spokesperson, Guillaume Cliche.

“Great gaps were noticed between what was needed and reality. Faced with the situation in Trois-Rivieres, we had no other choice.

Nine employees and at least 10 customers have tested positive for COVID-19, in connection with the upper surface outbreak, according to information from TVA Nouvelles.