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“No play”, Michael Hooper is wary of Japan!

Fifteen worlds of jogging XV de France: 2020/2021 Report

Australia travels to the land of the rising sun to face the brave flowers. A match eagerly awaited by the players of Jamie Joseph, but an entire nation after many years of absence from international competitions.

Michael Hooper knows it, should not take the Japanese team lightly and offers a very interesting game in terms of high rhythm. To the Australian company AAP, he returned to this trap meeting:

“To win, we have to focus on what we have to do to beat them. They play at high speeds. They want the ball to be played all the time. They try to run a lot. They have excellent profiles, a mobile team. They neutralize this speed and make them comfortable. Going into areas that don’t exist can be a real challenge but not fun: the Japanese are a solid team, with dangerous players at all levels.


The Walapi captain is as suspicious as Paul in the fire of the Japanese team. The Japanese have been offering an attractive game for years in terms of speed and frantic pace.
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