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"No one washes with a mop?"  indignant citizen

“No one washes with a mop?” indignant citizen

The cleanliness of the emergency room at Trois-Rivieres Regional Hospital sparked the scandal of a citizen who denounced the situation by taking several photos of the stock he considered unacceptable.

He wonders when the floors were last washed, explaining that the dirt had built up for so long, that it could be scraped off.

Andrei Lesage had to go there during dates with his wife. Went there in June and July and was able to visit several areas.

On the stairs, the corridors and the condition of the floors, it makes no sense. When I arrived and saw that it was filthy, I asked a passing nurse. I said, ‘Ma’am, isn’t anyone doing the cleaning?’ She replied ‘They’re the staff, I can’t really tell you.’

“They are cleansing,” the worker added, noting that they had been through a lot.

“I asked him if they were washing with a mop and soap? It’s black! It’s been there for a long time!”, the man protests.

Mr Lesage discussed the matter with several of the nurses, well aware of the problem, which had become a “muzzle”.

Anyone who has worked in the floor covering business for several years considers that bacteria can settle in broken floor tiles.

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