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No more red carpets: good riddance!

No more red carpets: good riddance!

There will be no “red carpet” program this year before the Gala des Gémeaux, nor before the Gala de l’ADISQ. Good salvation! Sayonarabye bye, receipt! You will not see me cry, quite the opposite! If there’s one TV concept that I always find stale, uninteresting, superficial, and unnecessary, it’s the idea of ​​handing the mic to stars and asking them their same age, “Who’s wearing you?”, “How do you feel?” To be nominated?” and the classic “Have you prepared your acceptance speech?” I already wrote that I would not be sad that the festivals are gone, so I can only applaud the disappearance of the red carpets, which is a step in the right direction!

Precious irony

Let’s face it, the only really interesting moments on the red carpet are when the stars knock out the hosts by making them feel like their questions are odorless, colorless, and tasteless! Remember at the Academy Awards, when Hugh Grant sarcastically answered model Ashley Graham’s repeated questions? Graham asked him who he would like to see win. Nobody in particular, Grant replied. In response to the question “What are you wearing?” “Zee,” he replied. When asked, “Who wears you?” “My tailor,” he replied. If all the artists were so honest and direct, we would have canceled these pre-concert shows a long time ago!

Why were the red carpets canceled on Radio Canada this year? “We want to be different and use our excellent cultural program as a showcase. Back to culture“It is produced by France Baudouin and its production company Pamplemousse,” Marc Pichette, Radio-Canada correspondent explained to me. “So we’ll have two special versions of it Back to culture: one that will precede the Gala des prix Gémeaux and another that will precede the Gala de l’ADISQ”.

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It would be a change not to hear celebrities tell us that they had the “most beautiful photoshoot of their lives” with an “amazing team”, which was “like one big family”.

We are not in France or the United States, where the stars have access to fashion designers or major jewelers who provide them with clothes and accessories. By comparison, our red carpets have always been somewhat of a “climax”. What always pisses me off about red carpets is the sheer hypocrisy of exercise. Like the year a red carpet host called the performer wearing rags on her back “gorgeous.” If she had met her at Dolarama, she would never have complimented her on her “look”.

Simagrees party

“This doesn’t mean we’re going to do away with the red carpet format forever, we simply want to explore a different format this year,” said Marc Bechet. For me, Radio Canada could “ban forever” that formula. Over the years, we’ve had the best and the worst, but more often than not the worst. Like the time we, to be fashionable, hired a drag queen who didn’t recognize half of the stars. Anxiety that was quickly swept… under the rug.