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No more plastic utensils at McDonald's

No more plastic utensils at McDonald’s

The fast-food chain said Thursday that wooden utensils are officially making their way to every McDonald’s restaurant in Canada.

All single-use plastic items, except for McFlurry spoons, will be replaced by next December with wooden utensils or chopsticks. Now you will be making straws out of paper.

McDonald’s is committed to sourcing all of its consumer packaging from renewable, recycled or certified sources in order to reduce its environmental impact.

McDonald’s Canada is part of Canadian Fiber, serving nearly three million customers daily in more than 1,400 restaurants. Rob Deck, Director of Supply Chain, McDonald’s Canada, said, “We play an important role in reducing single-use plastics in Canada.

By removing plastic pots, coffee sticks and straws from its restaurants, McDonald’s Canada will remove approximately 840 tons of plastic from its establishment each year.

In 2019, McDonald’s Canada launched 20% smaller tissue paper in its restaurants. Because it’s made from 100% recycled fibres, this change eliminated over 900 tons of paper.

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