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No, it is not possible to ride a train in Canada for less than $2

Étienne Fortin-Gauthier explains why in the video linked to the article.

Games that win such an award abound on the Internet. But if such deals seem too good to be true… chances are, they really are.

Claude Lebrun was a victim of such schemes and decided to share his adventure in order to prevent others from being caught.

“I was on Facebook and saw an ad. When I travel a lot, I thought it was such a big opportunity! It was like a lottery, with a $1.50 fee,” he says. “But I didn’t think these people were holding my credit card number.”

A week later, he was charged sixty dollars. According to Mr. LeBron, it is not uncommon for older adults who are uncomfortable with the Internet to be trapped.

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VIA Rail is aware of this scam. The company struggled to get Facebook to ban it from trading. A few days after the scheme was reported, the train company also issued a social media fraud warning.

Asked by journalist Étienne Fortin-Gaultier at Noovo Info about the scam, Méta has since deleted it, agreeing that it violated its policies. “Scams and imitations are not allowed on Facebook. We use a combination of automated systems and reports from our community to remove offending content.”

If the Facebook page that posted the scam has been removed, it is not the only one being viewed on social networks.

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