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No iMessage app is available, but don’t use it

No iMessage app is available, but don’t use it

Nothing has unveiled its latest project, Nothing Chats, an app that aims to make iMessage more accessible to Android users. But behind this attractive promise, the app faces major security problems.

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Nothing has just announced its newest app: “Nothing Chats.” This app aims to bridge a long-standing gap in communication between Android and iPhone users, by making messages sent to the iPhone compatible with iMessage.

None of the chats are available for free, but they do have a notable exclusive feature: they can only be accessed through Nothing Phone (2).

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Major security concerns have been confirmed

The order has been placed online

(APK). As expected, to use Nothing Chats, users are required to enter their Apple IDs into a system managed remotely by Sunbird, specifically using a Mac mini located in a server farm. Through this medium, the app promises access to iMessage features on your Android smartphone.

However, since the launch of Nothing Chats, users have identified major security issues. This is because communications that involve sending Apple ID data occur without proper encryption, using the HTTP protocol instead of a secure method.

Although Sunbird and Nothing claim that the data is end-to-end encrypted, this claim appears to conflict with existing technical notes. Therefore, we strongly discourage the use of this application, due to the potential risks to user security and privacy.

Meanwhile, Apple has announced its intention to support the RCS standard in 2024. This initiative, although late, is a step towards better interoperability between operating systems. RCS will allow Android users to take advantage of some features that were previously exclusive to iPhone users, such as improved group chats.

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