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No fewer than 40 nominees on Jim Rutherford's slate

No fewer than 40 nominees on Jim Rutherford’s slate

Right now, the GM’s vacant Canadiens chair is getting a lot of attention given the importance of the franchise in the NHL, but let’s not forget that the Canucks have also wiped out the team’s desks to alter the dynamics of the organization.

Just like Jeff Gorton in Montreal, Jim Rutherford will oversee hockey operations until a new GM is created. The difference is that Gorton is the vice president of hockey operations while Rutherford is the president.

And in Vancouver, we don’t Not stupid with imp : Rutherford hopes to start interviews early next week. Its goal is to hire someone as quickly as possible.

It contrasts a bit with Montreal, as it won’t start before 2022. However, it has been cleaned up before at Habs…

Just like in Montreal, we want to create a wide network to find the right person in Canucks. In fact, according to Rutherford, there will be 40 people Francophone in his list. nothing less.

Rutherford explains that his list consists of former CEOs who are not currently working (Mark Bergivian, Type) as well as young assistants who can take over under his tutelage (Mattio Darci, Type). Expect these two men to be considered. Francophone truth isn’t necessary in Vancouver, but we wouldn’t deny ourselves a candidate because of course he speaks French. In the end, it’s (a little) more.

It should be noted, however, that Rutherford made no mention of players’ agents or candidates. from the left field in its presentation. Does that eliminate people like Kent Hughes and Emily Castongway, whose names are very common in Montreal? Probably.

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However, one thing is certain: Rutherford is not in Vancouver to play for GM for the long term. He retired from the same position with the Penguins last year and you feel that at 72, he’s already there to supervise (and at the max, train young GMs). By the way it was clear about it.

It remains to be seen which of these 40 candidates will be chosen to be in charge of the Canucks. An appointment should be expected before CH, however. Hopefully it won’t cost a good candidate for the Hab.

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