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No Email, No Delivery: The customer credits the transaction they received at Canac

A Canac customer in West Sherbrooke, in the Eastern Townships, refused to turn over the materials because he did not want to leave his email address to the company.

Marc Tremblay denounces the treatment of the Quebec hardware store, which apologized on Wednesday.

“My email is personal information that is of no interest to them at all. My answer to decline service because I don’t want to leave my email doesn’t make sense,” Mr. Tremblay laments.

The client, who is doing renovations in his home, went to Canac’s hardware store on Bourque Boulevard in Sherbrooke on Monday.

He says he bought $2,000 worth of materials.

Once outside, the employee asked her for her email address.

“Why my email? They have my postal address, my phone number and my name, it seems to me that’s more than enough. I asked to speak to the store manager and he also told me there was no email and no delivery. I couldn’t believe it. I quit the deal and quit the job,” the man tells TVA Nouvelles. “.

Quebec’s law on protection of personal information in the private sector states that “No person may refuse to comply with a request for goods or services or a request for employment because the person making the request has refused personal information, except where the collection is necessary for the conclusion or performance of a contract.”

Marc Tremblay turned out to be the hardware store in Rona.

“They came to deliver this morning and I didn’t have to give them my email address.”

TVA Nouvelles contacted the Canac branch on Bourque Boulevard on Wednesday and the employee clearly indicated that without an email address, delivery was impossible.

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“E-mail is now the basis of our communications with customers, but this kind of situation shouldn’t have appeared,” comments Patrick Delisle, Canac Head Office Marketing Director. This store was over enthusiastic and we regret that. I can assure you that a customer who refuses to leave their email address or does not have an address can get our delivery service.