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No competition at the World Surfing Championships in Australia

No competition at the World Surfing Championships in Australia

Infectious forces, pro surfers had to face a white season last year. Opportunity for WSL to redesign the World Championship that has been talked about for many years. The first big change is to move the traditional pipe masters, decisive to the topic, to the beginning of the calendar, and so on Events in Hawaii last year, Won by John John Florence and Tyler Wright, actually kicked off the 2021 World Championship.

The 2022 season will also open in Hawaii, but the Pipe Masters will take place this time in January, so the World Championship timeline makes a little more sense.

Four months after the events in Hawaii, the WSL has developed a bold plan to renew the 2021 Championship Tour in Australia. After two charter flights, endless trials and 14 days of isolation, the world’s best surfers finally assembled in Newcastle, NSW.

Ashton Cogens stayed in Los Angeles, our friends Stop Have appealed Laura Ever, Competitor of the Red Bull Cape Fear and Junior World Champion 2009, host this episode No competition. His work? Understand the logistics needed to set up a major sports league in all four corners of the world.

After the executive part was over, Laura Ever met Julian Wilson – the eternal world title candidate and Queensland resident living in Newcastle – to talk about her local life.

In addition, he met with the stars of the No Castilian Championship tour, Ryan Calinen and Morgan Sibylik, to find out what caused him to tick in Newcastle.

On the match side, world champion Italo Ferreira won the trophy at the Rip Curl Newcastle, meanwhile Carissa Moore He also wore the yellow captain’s jersey after his victory at this Australian event. In the quarterfinals, Hawaii allowed itself to sign the best air race in the history of women’s surfing. An air-reversal was rated 9.9 out of 10, which allowed the Frenchman Johanne Defoe to be eliminated.

Next stop: North Narabin

From one surf city to another. After Newcastle, rivals traveled two hours south of northern Norepine, the site of Laura Ever’s famous junior victory. Who introduces us to this famous length of Sydney sand other than the one announced as the Wild Card for the Rip Curl Narabin Classic Company?

Had the opportunity to talk about the beautiful history of local surfing. Today, Ever focuses on the big waves and takes advantage of being in his hometown to attend the screening of the movie Anton, which was well received by the surfing world.

If the Rip Curl Narabin Classic match did not get the result he expected, the competition between the best surfers in the world was fierce. Gabriel Medina, who won for Brazil in the men’s draw this time, lifted the Caroline Marx Women’s Trophy and further cemented herself as the main contender for Hawaii’s Carissa Moore.

Leaving the East Coast, the surfing world wondered above all else whether anyone could underestimate the dominance of Gabriel Medina and Italo Ferreira in the men’s table. On the women’s side, Carissa Moore could win a new world title after a good start to the season. As for Australian rookie Morgan Sibylik, he continues to impress.

So, immerse yourself in the heart of this Australian tour, find the video at the top of the article and get ready for the next episode dedicated to the events of the competition, this time on the west coast of Australia!

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