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No Britain in 2023

In an interview with motorsport media, Simon Larkin, the WRC’s main event director, dismissed the possibility, while congratulating himself on the number of events to make up the calendar.

“The Tour in Great Britain won’t take place until 2023. We have more options than venues. We can choose the best events that work for everyone in terms of sport, marketing and logistics. It’s a positive problem.

If things go as planned, we can be happy with the schedule. We think it’s the best calendar for teams, sports and everyone. We will become a real world championship series again.

The WRC Championship promoter aims for eight rallies in Europe and six “long distance”, making a total of 14 races in 2023. Of the six events outside Europe, Mexico, Kenya, New Zealand and Japan stand out. In the project. For the remaining two events, a rally is gradually forming in the Middle East as South America returns with Argentina or Chile.

This prestigious 2023 calendar should be officially unveiled at the end of the next FIA World Council next October.

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