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NJPW announces its return to the UK

NJPW announces its return to the UK

Today, NJPW held a press conference where they announced that they will be returning to England next October. No date announced yet. An NJPW event will also see the light of day in Oceania.

NJPW tells us:

“For starters, more details will be forthcoming regarding the UK return in October. Fans in the Oceania region will see some NJPW action in the near future, and New Japan’s international expansion will continue outside of the US as well.

NJPW then claims that a G1 special will be held on August 20th and a music festival will be held this fall:

“New on the calendar is the National Return of the G1 Special, a special card taking place on August 20 at a special venue. As part of TV Asahi’s Summer Station event, the competitions will be held outdoors next to TV Asahi’s studio in Roppongi Hills. Hiroshi Tanahashi joined the stage to talk about the event, saying, “It will be a great opportunity for the uninitiated to see what’s going on and experience wrestling for the first time.”

The new events aren’t limited to in-ring action. This fall, NJPW will host a special music festival that will allow fans to experience their favorite entrance music, past and present, live. In addition to live music, there will also be special seminars featuring big names; More details will be available soon.”

NJPW informed us that it will launch in NFTs without giving further details.

Photo credit: NJPW

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