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Nintendo Switch Sports releases their first ad - Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Sports releases their first ad – Nintendo Switch

After it was revealed last FebruaryAnd Nintendo Switch SportsThe new installment in the epic We Sports Coming back to us today, a few days before its release Next April 26th To reveal his first advertisement. This video, unfortunately still dubbed in English, offers us new images of Play From the title as well as pictures in real shots to see the players trying to practice different sports. It is also an opportunity to emphasize the competitive side of the title, both locally and online with all the sports available in multiplayer.

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The competition begins again!

Hit, throw and smash to claim victory in it Nintendo Switch Sports employment Nintendo Switch !

Equip yourself with a Joy-Con and participate in all kinds of sports activities by moving as if you were really in the center of the action. Gather your loved ones and play together on one console or take on opponents from all walks of life online!

Welcome to Spocco Square!

It all starts in this beautiful arena! From here you can access the stadium football To put your tapes on, start a game Tennisfrom Badminton or volleyballtry to connect the hits with bowling Or put your cool to the test on the podium Chapara.

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