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nintendo difference

nintendo difference

hoping to find clone Suddenly came back two years ago when the brand clone repeatedly Posted by Bandai Namco entertainment in Japan. The name “Encore” corresponds to a Bandai Namco’s new series Which aims to bring different chains back to new platforms. The games she opened are catamare damasi rollAnd Kotoba no Puzzle: Mojipittan Encore And Mr. Driller Drill Land. Then, at the end of last December, there was no longer any doubt: Klonoa would have been back, since the title Klonoa fantasy fantasy series It was recorded in Europe and Canada. So fans had good reason to hope, since through the past nintendo directassembly Klonoa fantasy fantasy series announced by nintendo And Bandai Namco to July 8 next to or next to converts, to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of this epic. It will include a modified version of the games Klonoa: From the Door to Phantom Island And Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s VeilIt will also be released at a later time Play Station 4And PS5And Xbox One And Xbox Series.

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, originally released in 1997 on PlayStation, was already entitled to a new release in the form of a remake on PlayStation wireleased in 2008. It was developed by the studio peacockbut the assembly on the Switch was designed by Monkey craftBandai Namco, the company behind the entire Encore chain. Regarding Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil, the game has been released PS2 In 2001 and had no reboot device. So it will be possible to (re)discover it for the first time with the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie series.

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Klonoa is a series whose worlds are based on a recurring theme: dreams. heroes, cloneA traveler like a dream running and jumping with him wind ringHis friend accompanies him on his adventures Huepow. In the first game, they must save the dream world of Phantomile, which is threatened by an evil spirit wishing to turn the Earth into a world of nightmares. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile is a 2.5D side scrolling platformer made by Hideo Yoshizawa, which aims to create a world that can appeal to children and adults alike. Yoshizawa is known for his work on the direction and storyline of the first series trilogy. ninja Jayden. then work on Mr. Driller and Klonoa before leaving Bandai Namco for independent work.

Characters are designed by Yoshihiko buttocks, who also worked on the story. The saga is also highly regarded for its music, which is already quite numerous if we take two episodes of the group since there are more than 140 songs. OST Part One written by Erico ImuraAnd Kota TakahashiAnd Junko OzawaAnd Tetsukazu NakanishiAnd Kanako KakinoAnd Takaki HorigumAnd Hiromi ShibanuAnd Hiroshi Okubo And Tomoko Tatsuta. next one, The soundtrack for the second game It was composed by a similar group of composers, and almost all of them have returned except for Junko Ozawa, Tetsukazu Nakanishi, Takaaki Horigumi, Hiroshi Okubo, and Tomoko Tatsuta. However, there were new authors: Katsuru TajimaAnd Asuka SakaiAnd Yuji Masobuchi And go shinaThe latter has recently risen in popularity thanks to his work in anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (However, the fact that he is composing for this anime with Yuki Kajiura is not too surprising, given their close relationships with ufotable and Aniplex). Note that a year ago, Ship to Shore PhonoCo. He released vinyl soundtracks for both games in the set (Door to Phantom Island / Lunatea veil).

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In Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil, Klonoa and her new friends travel to a new dreamlike world called LunatiaWhich consists of four kingdoms. Our hero also has to save this world and reveal its mysteries and the gameplay is similar to the first Klonoa game, with 2.5D progression. Both games will benefit from Enhanced graphics Beside’Adjustable difficulty level For more accessibility, while maintaining a very likable gameplay and ambiance. It would also be possible Two-player co-op For the whole adventure, Bandai Namco promises on its official website that the games will work in 60 frames per second And up to 4K resolution (for compatible support). Note that assembly will be operable In French, English and Spanish.

In Japan, the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie series will be released as Kaze no Klonoa 1 & 2 Encore And it is already confirmed In the physical version on Switch (Japanese version will not include subtitles). For any purchase of the physical or non-physical version, Bandai Namco . will offer Downloadable content that allows to modify Klonoa’s appearance in both games, he will be able to dress him in the first match from his clothes he wears in 2 and his outfit in the first episode in 2. Exclusively for the downloadable version, there is a beanie from mo For Klonoa it will be served. There will also be a file Deluxe digital copy who will understand digital art bookAnd The full soundtrack for both games for a total of 143 songs as Joker masks and tat for Klonoa. We imagine that this digital deluxe edition will also be offered to the West, but this theme has not been announced yet. You can find the official Japanese website to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series at this address (here to collect). There is also an official page in French here.

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In 1997, Namco A new epic of platform games has begun in Japan with the first episode titled Klonoa: Door to Phantomile on PlayStation. It was released the following year in the West, then there were 6 more games until 2008 with Klonoa, a remake of the first game on the Wii. Despite great praise from the press and fans, sales of the series have been disappointing, and since the release of the Wii game Bandai Namco has kept quiet, but the hero, Klonoa, has appeared in various games. The manga series as well as the comic book web series written by Jim Zup illustrated by the artist Hitoshi Ariga employment ShiftyLook He also saw the light, without completing the latter, and an animated film project launched by the studio Henshin Five years ago it was finally abolished. So the launch of the Klonoa Phantasy Reverie series is an event for many fans, but also for people who always wanted to discover the series but couldn’t due to the difficulty of getting the first games.