Animal Crossing: New Horizons It came out over a year ago, but hasn’t received a major update for several months. As part of E3, Nintendo planned a live 40 minutes Which will be broadcast on Tuesday 15 June at 12 noon. This will be the perfect opportunity to make a big announcement regarding the game.. Here are some additions I would love to see in this game!

Image credit: Nintendo

Multiplayer mini games

While New Horizons has been very useful in our social lives during the lockdown, it does require some imagination Celebration Organizing. The game will benefit from offering group activities, as it has done in the past, both on the Gamecube with playable NES games and in the new page With Tortimer Island, where one can play with other players in mini-games such as searching for insects or hiding and searching.

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Zelda Collaboration

It’s 35e Zelda series anniversary this year. Where we can anticipate news of the planned and upcoming festivities Breath of the wild During E3, this will be the perfect opportunity to announce the arrival of Zelda-themed items in Animal Crossing! We want costumes, master sword, and let’s dream, Epona to roam the island faster!

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New combinations of things

There are already a lot of items in new Horizons, But we want more! In the mobile game pocket camp The extensive catalog of original furniture is constantly expanding, so it is possible! I’d like Nintendo to announce the massive arrival of new sets, and the return of lost old ones from new Horizons.

Bonus: I want the villagers to interact with the furniture more! I want to see them have a cup of tea, sip coffee, or play chess.

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expansion of the island

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E3 is going to be a great time to announce a massive expansion of the game (even paid downloadable content), and what I would really like to be a bigger island! It can be in the form of a nearby unblockable island that one can access by ferry or over a large bridge. Some mobile merchants can set up a permanent shop there, and there will be room for more villagers (10 is not enough!). It would be ideal to re-excite the players and open up new possibilities!