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Nimes "Elles de la science" will be back

Nimes “Elles de la science” will be back

Courtyard of the Natural History Museum in Nîmes (Anthony Morin Photo Archive).

On Saturday, March 12, the Museum of Natural History will welcome you to an afternoon of science, meetings, and discoveries on the topic of women in science.

On the occasion of the “Elles de la science”, the public will be able to meet women scientists from all over France. Are they researchers or engineers. They have an exciting curriculum and will share their life experiences and careers with it.

Women are still a minority in some scientific fields. Fortunately, the barriers are falling and the axiom about it is changing. The Museum therefore wishes to encourage those who dream of a scientific career for a true equality of opportunity and so that research and innovation do not deprive themselves of wonderful female minds.

Parents can bring your daughters but also and especially your sons because they will have something to think about if they doubt their sister’s qualities. Teachers, talk about it with your students because this sensitivity matures from an early age. To you little girls, know one thing, science is waiting for you and the future is yours, feel free to come and come back on this day of information and documentation. This day will be marked with the stamp of surprise, awareness and fair treatment.

The Natural History Museum is located at 13 Bd Amiral Courbet 30000 Nîmes. Registration:, admission is free from 11 am to 6 pm.