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Mode Nuit Xbox Series X/S

Night mode on the way on Xbox Series X / S

Is there a big update coming to Xbox Series X and Series S? According to a reporter from The Verge, that’s already the case with several interesting options. Tom Warren just shared a first glimpse His Twitter account. This is the first information now.

Night mode on the way on Xbox Series X / S

© Tom Warren/Twitter

Members of the Xbox Insiders Program can now test new features on Xbox Series X/S such as Night Mode which can be turned on in the Preferences submenu in Settings. It will be completely customizable to match each player’s width. You can also choose to turn it on manually or schedule it to turn on and off on its own.

Dark theme Xbox Series X/S.

© Tom Warren/Twitter

Night mode allows you to configure many options, starting with a dark theme. You can adjust the screen brightness or activate or deactivate the HDR option.

blue light filter

© Tom Warren/Twitter

It is also possible to activate or deactivate the blue light filter for better visual comfort. Even better, you will soon be able to configure this setting to activate and deactivate on its own after a certain time.

Xbox Series X/S brightness controller

© Tom Warren/Twitter

Finally, it will be possible to adjust the intensity of the Xbox logo lighting on the console and on the console. It will even be possible to turn off the logos completely.

This night mode should offer more options and everything will be, according to Tom Warren, very subtle to allow players to find the perfect balance for the perfect show. You can discover a preview of this night mode on the journalist’s Twitter account that shows the updates via GIF and video.

Currently, these options are in the testing phase for Xbox Insiders. We don’t know yet when Microsoft plans to make the features available to everyone. According to Tom Warren, it’s only a matter of weeks.

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