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Nigel Farage's “people under pressure” return to the political scene

Nigel Farage's “people under pressure” return to the political scene

After being one of the figures of the Brexit campaign in 2016, he is returning to politics as a candidate for the general election in less than a month.


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Nigel Farage campaigns in Clacton-on-Sea, June 4, 2024 (Ben Stansell/AFP)

However, Nigel Farage has said that he does not want to take part in the July 4 general election. But he changed his mind, “People are under pressurehe said, Millions felt he had let them down.” This was unbearable for him. So he kicked out the boss of far-right Reform UK to take his place, and nominated himself as a candidate in a more accessible constituency: the constituency of Clacton in the south-east of England.

Farage wants to be elected, but he knows his movement is not going to win the election. Getting a seat of his own would already be a nice benefit. For him, a Labor victory is inevitable, so he wants to form an opposition party in the next assembly.

In fact, he wants to break up the Conservative Party. First, make him lose as much as possible. Having already been in power for an unfortunate 14 years, the Conservatives almost everywhere will face a major setback in reform UK scores. Their electorate is homogenous, and the scattering of votes is dangerous for many candidates of the current majority. And then, in this fractious field, Farage hopes to woo some conservatives who aren't sensitive to his rhetoric.

Nigel Farage is remembered as anti-EU, with a willingness to fight hard against immigration. He hasn't changed. Brexit will not work, especially on the issue of migration, he himself admits. But according to him, it was because it was misused.

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After the 2016 referendum, Farage withdrew from politics. A European vice-president for 20 years, he was unelected locally and nationally. He is the eighth candidate in the assembly elections and is not lacking in effort. He now hosts a show on GB News, a far-right opinion channel. We also saw him in a reality TV show. I'm a celebrity, get me out of hereFor a very convenient fee.

Farage is a familiar figure in Britain. He was the first to point out the government's lack of reaction during the pandemic. Later, he criticized the prisons, which according to him were too strict. Today, he feels the time has come to play a role on the national stage.