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Nick Suzuki will now lead CH in the attack with his new contract

Nick Suzuki will now lead CH in the attack with his new contract

It is clear that The Today’s news: Nick Suzuki is in Montreal to stay. The Canadian Youth Center has signed an eight-year contract that will keep him in town until the end of the 2029-30 season.

Suzuki is happy to be in the capital.

However, even if he played only a third season in the NHL this year, his new contract has changed his status in the team. Sure, he’ll play the 2021-22 season under his entry contract, but now that he’s broken the bank and we know he’s not leaving Montreal anytime soon, he’ll have to take on greater responsibilities.

We knew he would have to do it on the ice because of the departures of Philippe Danault and Gisbury Kotkanyemi, but he would also have to do it off the ice. He will have to become the captain of this team, even if he is only 22 years old.

However, if we trust the manager in question, he is eager to take on this role:

I think I want to take on more responsibility. Apparently Phil had a lot of chances to win a big showdown, and shoot penalty shootouts… he was relying a lot on that. I’ve always done it in the juniors, so I want to win that way. – Nick Suzuki

I really like the comparison Marc-Antoine Godin drew in the text above by comparing the Suzuki stance to that of Jeff Petrie. The two are certainly not at the same stage in their careers, but they will experience something similar this season: They will have to step out of the shadows of men who no longer exist (Danault in the case of Suzuki, Shea Weber in the case of Petrie).

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Both of them have already proven that they can be leaders in the past. Jeff Petrie has been seen taking the team’s youth under his wing in recent months, and his teammates have often praised Suzuki’s maturity. And as Brendan Gallagher points out, just because the young center is a little talkative doesn’t mean he’s incapable of joining his teammates, especially the younger ones:

It takes a group, and the older guys probably won’t be Suzy-inspired, but there are younger guys out there who would feel more comfortable heading towards it than older guys like me. It comes naturally to them, and Suzy can take on the responsibility of helping a few guys along the way. – Brendan Gallagher

You can think of a guy like Cole Caufield, who is going into his first season in the NHL this year. We’ve seen that the two young men have a rather special bond, and the fact that Suzuki now has this leadership trait could help the maverick young man.

Suzuki still has plenty to eat for sure, and he probably won’t be an impeccable leader this year. However, he has all the assets to become one, and with his new deal in his pocket, he could officially become one in Montreal Canadiens for several years.

All that remains is to walk the talk.

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