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NHL: Tough night for Zachary Focale and the Capitals

NHL: Tough night for Zachary Focale and the Capitals

Quebec goalkeeper Zachary Focale and the Washington Capitals had a tough night, losing 7-3 on Monday to the Boston Bruins.

Fokali withdrew from the match after conceding four goals in 16 shots in 27:53, and made way for Vitek Vanessek.

Washington had started the match strong, leading 2-0 through Conor Sherry who reached ten goals by hitting the goal twice.

The rest of the game was Bruins’ work, Who used Brad Marchand’s duets? and David Pasternak who also gathered help.

Marchand ignored a nosebleed in the first trimester from Nick Dodd’s wand.

Defenseman Matt Gerzelec played a five-point game with one goal and four assists.

Eric Howla and Craig Smith have others.

The Capitals’ other goal came from TJ Oshie’s racket.

Alexander Ovechkin, colluding in a goal, reached 52 points, one point behind league leaders Conor McDavid and Leon Drysittel of the Oilers.

The Bruins host the Montreal Canadiens on Wednesday. It will be CH’s first game since January 1.

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