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NHL Spectators: 2 Weights 2 Scale?

NHL Spectators: 2 Weights 2 Scale?

Over the past 10 days, the National Hockey League (NHL) and Canadians have secured significant waivers from federal and provincial public health authorities. A situation that raises questions among other organizations in Quebec.

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They received good news on Tuesday as the government announced that it could accommodate 3,500 spectators at their events.

During the upcoming summer season, boxing promoters planned to host two concerts in Quebec. However, due to the sanitary rules in effect until September 1, they will not be able to reach this number.

In Shawinigan, Eye of the Tiger Management will not be able to sell more than 1,700 tickets at Center Gervais Auto. In Montreal, Groupe Yvon Michel (GYM) will be in the same position at the IGA Stadium, which seats 12,000 spectators. If the concert could attract 3,000 spectators during this evening, he would be able to say mission accomplished.

In football, Aloette will make his first two games on the road. They will meet with their supporters at Perfect Molson Stadium on August 27. The schedule requested by President Mario Sischini.

It wishes it could seat 7,000 spectators, at the maximum capacity possible with physical spacing. If this is not possible, he cuts off his fingers so that he can obtain the necessary permissions to receive a crowd of more than 3,500 spectators.

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Cecchini will argue that matches will be shown away and that there are several gates to Percival Molson Stadium.

With regard to amateur sports, Olympic track and field events must be introduced from June 24 in Montreal. However, according to the General Director of the Athletes’ Union, Marc Desjardins, it was too late to make changes to allow spectators to attend.

Most disturbing is the exemption from quarantine that the NHL got in the semi-finals and possibly the Stanley Cup final.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights will arrive in Montreal without having to undergo quarantine. Of course, they will have to pass screening tests.

A situation that makes the Alouettes and CF Montreal jealous. Before starting their training camp on July 10, all Alites will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine, including seven at home.

The federal quarantine is causing more trouble for the regulators of the Open National Bank. If ATP and WTA players are not exempted from this measure, the tournament will not take place.

“We follow relevant public health standards and guidance. Tournament director, Eugene Lapierre, said we are still awaiting confirmation from Public Health Canada regarding the athletes’ reception and quarantine.

“We have had the approval of the municipal and local authorities, we now need the green light from the federal government. Our discussions are continuing on the number of spectators allowed. It is still too early to say that the tournament will take place.”

CF Montreal is the only organization in Quebec forced to immigrate to the United States in order to compete in the 2021 season.

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With the majority of its players vaccinated, the club has long requested a modified quarantine. This way the team can return to Montreal.

Players can practice at the Nutrilait Center while being able to see their families. At the same time, the door to local matches will open to spectators at Stade Saputo.

We have no control over the situation. We don’t want to spend a lot of mental energy on this topic. Amar Sedic said earlier this week: We play with the cards we get.

“Of course we want to go back to Montreal and get back to normal life, but until we get the approval, we try to make the most of our situation here.”

Collaboration with Dave Levesque, Richard Botan and Louis Boucher