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NHL Rumors: Maple Leafs interested in JT Miller

NHL Rumors: Maple Leafs interested in JT Miller

Toronto Maple Leafs assistant general manager Lawrence Gilman attended two Vancouver Canucks spy games GT MillerAccording to our collaborator Pierre Lebrun.

Truth be told, the Maple Leafs will be one of many interested in the striker’s services. However, LeBrun said Maple Leafs and Canucks have not had serious discussions about Miller yet.

LeBrun also adds that the Canucks won’t necessarily be inclined to break up with him at this time.

For his part, Detective Chris Johnston explained that the attackers Brooke Bowser And the Conor Garland likely to be traded.

What will the Black Hawks do?

Chicago Blackhawks stars Jonathan Toews And the Patrick King Do they accept to live reconstruction? Sure, they discussed it with General Manager Kyle Davidson.

Even before his appointment, Davidson, then acting general manager, met Toews, Kane, Seth Jones as Marc-Andre Fleury To explain his plan to them, LeBron said. The ball is now in their court.

Among the many, Kane is undoubtedly the most interesting player for the other teams in the National Hockey League. However, he is likely to trade this summer, as he completes the final year of an 8-year, $84 million contract signed in 2014.

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