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NHL Qualifier: Canadian vs Foliage

NHL Qualifier: Canadian vs Foliage

For the first time since 1979, the Canadian will meet Maple Leaves in qualifying. With the Jets’ 5-0 win over Canucks on Tuesday at Winnipeg, CH is now guaranteed a fourth place finish in the Northern Division.

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Dominic Ducharme has already stated that he wants to devote the next few days to teaching through various training courses, which is a rarity this season. He will also have the opportunity to analyze and prepare for his confrontation against the best North Frontier team this season.

Toronto swept lockdowns in four matches in their last playoff match. At the time, Jay LaFleur, Steve Shoot, Yvonne Lambert and Larry Robinson wore blue, white and red colors. Long time!

Kotkaniemi type armor

Before contemplating Aston Matthews and Mitchell Marner, Gisbury Kotaniemi remained a topic of discussion after practicing Canadians on Tuesday.

Finn knows his reality. The third overall pick in the 2018 draft knows it’s going through a dark period, but chose to disperse the topic on the eve of the regular season final.

“I don’t care,” said Kotaniemi when asked if he’s been thinking too much on ice lately rather than playing on his instincts. We secured our place in the qualifiers. This is the important thing. I am happy. “

Kotkaniemi has not scored in his last 23 matches. His name was not written on the scoring sheet in his last 11 matches.

In Monday’s 4-3 overtime loss to Edmonton Oilers, the 20-year-old missed the 10-minute mark for the first time this season. Ducharme only used it 9:13, which is the team’s shortest playing time.

In recent weeks, Ducharme has doubled down on methods of relaunching Kotkaniemi. He changed his winger several times, placing him in the left wing and right winger of the first line, as well as sending him messages to keep him on the bench for the last eight minutes of the third period and overtime on May 3 in a 3–2 win over Maple Leaves at the Bell Center.

Young man or Staal?

At the dawn of the first round of qualifying, there is no magic potion to revive a player. Kotkaniemi knows this. Ducharme also knows that. But CH will have a decision to make.

With the possible return of Philip Danault, there will be one less position in the center. Danault, Nick Suzuki, and Jake Evans are three of the must-haves now. The coach will likely have to choose between Kotkaniemi, who is a major part of the team’s future, or Eric Staal, a 36-year-old undoing but got ahead of the trade deadline.

Need to play

“The [Kotkaniemi] Ducharme said he has to play and be dynamic to be effective. When he has a disc, he has to play well. He knows what is expected of him and also has high expectations. Tomorrow will be another day. I’m sure he will play a good game against the Oilers. “

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If the number 15 lacks stability with his winger since the start of the season, he’s still spending most of the time this season five to five with Josh Anderson (202 minutes 58 seconds), Tyler Toffoli (201 minutes 52) and Joel Jeremiah (187 minutes and 48 seconds). a second).

So Ducharme and Claude Julian offered him offensive weapons beforehand to produce them.

The 12 Quebecers that were ignored by the Hab in the last draft

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  • Thomas Bordello
  • Jeremiah Poirer
  • William Villeneuve
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  • Lucas Mercury
  • Remy Poirere
  • Louis Crevier
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