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NHL Playoffs: Empty avalanche for Utelers to take 2-0 into Western Final

NHL Playoffs: Empty avalanche for Utelers to take 2-0 into Western Final

Avalanche Oilers Summary

Nazim Qadri helped Colorado score three goals in just over two minutes in the second half, and Avalanche advanced 2-0 in the Western Final with a 4-0 win over the Oilers of Edmonton in Game Two on Thursday.

Pavel Francos, who started the net in an avalanche due to an upper body injury by Darcy Comber, made 24 saves. This was the second close of his playoff career.

“It’s not easy not to play a lot at the end of the season and in the qualifiers, and to go forward like that by making a few key saves when it was 0-0 and even then when we had a few goals ahead. He proves how good he is as a goalkeeper,” Mikko Rantanen admitted. goal and mental strength.

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Artturi Lehkonen got a goal and a pass.

liky Participates in foreclosure screening and creates shifts that lead directly to goals. He always heads to the network to do the dirty work. “It’s fun to play with him,” Qadri said.

After an 8-6 offensive fest won by Avalanche in the first game, fans had to wait until the second period to see a goal, or rather three goals.

The avalanche opened the scoring in the fourth minute of the second half. Oil man Darnell Nurse couldn’t reach one of his co-workers in his lap and Rantanen passed the disc to Kadri. The latter fired a quick shot with Laconon to deceive Smith’s vigilance.

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The festivities didn’t even end when the avalanche doubled their lead after just 15 seconds. The Oilers were pressured into their territory again and Manson accepted a pass from Kadri before firing a slap shot that moved the ropes. Smith seemed to be a bit dazed by his teammate Josh Archibald’s attempt.

Back on the ice, the avalanche’s second streak was back in action after just 1 minute and 49 seconds. In a two-to-one climb, Kadri raised a pass to Rantanen, who was asking for the disc, and Finn set the disc behind Smith.

The Colorado team then closed the door to the Oilers, only allowing 11 shots in the last 40 minutes of play.

Tyson Barry stated, “We played really well first. There was this streak in the second where they scored a goal, then second and third. This is a team that likes to take advantage of the momentum. We have to do a better job of stopping the bleeding when they score. We can’t let the game get out of control like that.” . »

“That two-minute streak took the wind off our sails and we weren’t able to create the chances we wanted for the rest of the game,” Oilers coach Gay said.

Smith loses glove, McKinnon nails Oilers’ coffin

Nathan McKinnon made it 4-0 with 4:40 left in the third inning as Mike Smith lost his gauntlet to the shorter.

The playoffs’ leading scorers, Conor McDavid and Leon Drysittel, were disqualified for the first time in 10 games. Draisaitl has collected at least two points in his last six matches.

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“I haven’t been at my best since the beginning of this series,” Oilers captain Conor McDavid admitted. They did a good job of limiting our scoring chances. »

Smith returned to the net for the Oilers after being sent off in the first game in which he surrendered six times on 19 shots, stopping 36 of the 40 shots he encountered.

The Oilers attack has been strong over the past few weeks, having scored at least four goals in the last six games, and challenging Francos in the first half. But the Czechs answered the call.

Keeler Yamamoto left the match after the second half with an upper body injury. Gabriel Landskog hit him for second.

“I think Yamamoto was in a weak position and the main point of contact was the head,” Oilers coach Jay Woodcroft said. My job is not to make these decisions, I am not a judge. I’m sure this check will be reviewed by the league. »

The series is now moving to Edmonton where Game 3 will take place on Saturday.

The valves are open, rantanen makes it 3-0!

Adds Manson with a cannonball after 15 seconds