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NHL: Patrice Bergeron is not finished playing against the Canadiens

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Thursday night’s game no longer had any effect on the Boston Bruins, and at the dawn of the playoffs, it was no surprise that the organization took precautions.

In this way, the organization announced after the first period of the match against the Montreal Canadiens that striker Patrice Bergeron would not return to play, and it was called an upper body injury to explain this withdrawal from training.

In other words, Bergeron finished his regular season with 27 goals and 58 points to help his team climb to the podium.

The Bruins compiled 133 points and 64 wins before facing the Habs in their final game before the playoffs begin.

Of the Canadiens, Mike Matheson left his side during the second period, due to a lower-body injury.

The defender fell down the slope after a minor collision with Charlie Coyle. Retired for the locker room.

Matheson scored eight goals and 34 points in 48 games in his first season with the Canadiens.

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