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NHL: Nathan McKinnon wants to settle his contract file before October 12

NHL: Nathan McKinnon wants to settle his contract file before October 12

Colorado star Avalanche forward Nathan McKinnon He believes his contract extension could be announced very soon.

At least that’s the wish the 27-year-old center expressed on Thursday during a media tour of the NHL.

The Stanley Cup champion stated that the staff at Avalanche and his clan were “close” to agreement.

He added that he hopes to settle the issue before the start of Denver’s regular season on October 12.

Entering the final year of a seven-season deal that would have earned him $44.1 million, McKinnon said his next contract would be “fair” and “good for both parties.”

Avalanche No. 29 also specified that his annual salary would be more than $10 million.

If no deal is reached before the avalanche opens, the previous first public pick does not expect he will negotiate this season.

“I would prefer this to be settled (before the start of the season). It becomes emotional. Sometimes it feels personal.

“I would like it not to be a distraction when the season starts.”

During the avalanche’s last conquest, McKinnon scored 13 goals and 24 play-off points, after amassing 88 points (32-56) in 65 regular season games.

He has 648 points, including 242 goals in 638 matches at Pittman Arena.

Last year, General Manager Joe Sakic handed over lucrative contracts to the captain Gabriel Landskog (8 years, $56 million) and Norris Prize Winner, Defender hold positions (6 years, $54 million).

The other member of the Avalanche Offensive Foundation, Miko Rantanenin the middle of a six-campus deal that earns him $9.25 million annually.

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