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NHL: Mattias Norlinder ready for the Canadians

NHL: Mattias Norlinder ready for the Canadians

Mathias Norlander, who is expecting the Montreal Canadiens, looks set to continue his career in North America.

Frölunda HC, the Swedish elite club with which he completed the current season, announced on Twitter on Wednesday that he would continue his career in the Canadian organisation.

“Thank you for your time with us at Frölunda. Good luck in the future,” the team added.

After playing his first six National Hockey League games for the Canadians this season, the 22-year-old defender was demoted to Laval Rocket in December. He played six matches with the school club, Before deciding to return to his homeland in Sweden.

3 . choiceAnd Canadians Tour in 2019, 64And In total, Norlinder has racked up one assist with CH this year. In Rocket costume, rally a goal and a pass.

In 21 games for Frölunda, he then collected two assists, before adding six to his record in nine playoffs.

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