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NHL: Jonathan Marchesault is well aware that the Panthers want a drink after the whistle

NHL: Jonathan Marchesault is well aware that the Panthers want a drink after the whistle

The Florida Panthers didn’t let Game 1 go without showing their claws. However, they did not choose legitimacy, but the Golden Knights were able to avoid retaliation for their indiscipline.

Vegas also took advantage of two solid plays from Florida’s seven scoring games to claim the Game 1 title in the Stanley Cup Final 5-2 on Saturday.

However, an incident at the end of the match could easily deteriorate when, after the whistle 4 to 2 delayed, Mark Staal retained Nicholas Hague. Then we see Matthew Tkachuk come and beat him up while the Vegas player is helpless.

Quebec Jonathan Marchesault, who scored 10 goalsH In the game, he took a few seconds to describe the kind of situation and trap the Panthers set for them. He finally made a very Quebec-specific expression about it.

“We want to keep the same game plan and start over at every whistle. We don’t want to be put through the ‘shit’ with the rubbish after the whistles. If we do that, we’ll be able to have more success,” Marquisault said after the win.

“It was ridiculous. It’s a two-goal game and four minutes left in the end. I think the referees did a good job with that. We wanted to play hockey to win and that’s what we did tonight.

Marchesault admitted that it was not easy to resist the temptation to fight back, as Tkachuk had confronted him directly earlier in the match.

He loves the atmosphere of the Stanley Cup Final, but he reiterates that his team should not deviate from the game plan.

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“I’m a little sorry. He came to kick my wrist and I gave him one. After that, it turns him on. I told myself I didn’t want to be involved in this.”

“You play for the Stanley Cup, if there’s no intensity, it’s not a Stanley Cup game. Tonight was fun and it was fun to be a part of.”

Vegas gave the Panthers three powerplays, but the penalty kill unit remained perfect.