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NHL Draft: The Bottom of the Interviews

NHL Draft: The Bottom of the Interviews

As we know, the players who will be selected in the upcoming NHL draft will have to undergo a large number of physical tests, but also an in-depth psychological examination. These can be both necessary and unpleasant.

And there will be no cache, everything is on the table.

“(They ask) your favorite kind of ice cream. We really analyze everything during the pregame match between the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes, former NHL linebacker Alexandre Picard said on TVA Sports.

“I was drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers. During these physical exams, I talked to the Flyers’ captains for 45 minutes. The next day, I booked another appointment with the Flyers sports psychologist and it took 2-3 hours.

For his part, former coach Joel Bouchard added that while physical examinations are important, psychological tests are more revealing.

“Guys, at times, are really developed to the extreme physically. I’ve sometimes come into contact with the Canadiens, he doesn’t have much room for improvement compared to other guys who might not be as physically capable right now. In 3 or 4 years, that’s It is the projection we want to do. The interviews twice. We talk to the individual, we want to know what he is going to say, how he sees it, who he compares himself to. Does he have a good assessment of the game, and when he talks to us, do we understand what he means. But there is also the psychological aspect, where Teams will conduct 3- to 4-hour exams.

Watch it in the video above.