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NHL: Devils take advantage of CH errors

NHL: Devils take advantage of CH errors

MONTREAL — Like a batter taking advantage of a bad shot from a pitcher, the New Jersey Devils capitalized on the Canadiens’ player turnover to earn 10e Back-to-back win with a 5-1 victory over the Bell Center.

The Canadianwho was dressed in his retro “Montreal Fair powder blue” retro uniform, was unable to hold back the youth demons who have an impressive hitting average this season. Here are our notes on the game.

Team burn and enjoy

With their momentum for three straight wins, the Canadiens looked in good shape to dethrone their inspired visitors.

But the followers of Martin St. Louis paid for far too many sales. There was David Savard on Dougie Hamilton’s goal, Jordan Harris on Jack Hughes’ second goal of the night and Brendan Gallagher on Jesper Pratt’s goal.

Let’s add that Cole Cofield was lucky that Thomas Tatar also scored after a turnover by him, but offside canceled everything out on the restart.

“The Devils made it difficult for us, it’s no coincidence that they won 10 games online. It was a big test for us, we didn’t fail, but we didn’t have a high enough score to win,” St. Louis said.

“Overall, it was a tough game, and it wasn’t fair to our defensemen,” St. Louis admitted.

A machine that hits hard

We don’t blame the fans for not watching Devils games or highlights more often. But indifference to this sweet little hockey machine should fade away.

Not only does this organization have many talented players like Hughes, Hamilton, Nico Hischer and Dawson Mercer, but they use a fast paced style and double their shots at the net (2e ranked in the NHL with an average of over 37).

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For this stop at the Montreal Coliseum, the Devils have reached 39.

“It’s a great hockey team! With Vegas, it’s our most demanding test and it wasn’t our best game, no doubt. We had a good little streak, and sometimes it can happen to run off one,” goaltender Jake Allen said.

“We knew they were playing well, they’re a fast team and they put pressure everywhere on the ice. We couldn’t find solutions and we ended up playing a lot on the heel and in our own area. That’s not a good recipe for our team,” summed up captain Nick Suzuki.

Softer limit of damage

The result would have been worse without Allen’s excellent work in front of the CH cage. The Jean Beliveau Cup winner has stopped several other demon threats.

The list is long, but he held the fort especially against the Tatars, Hischers, and Miles Wood.

On the fourth over, he had thwarted Dawson-Mercer and Hughes before being thwarted on the third over.

Against a team like the Devils, if you’re not sharp… They use an enormous amount of speed and can turn a small opportunity into a goal in time to say it,” Allen pointed out.

Relief for Dadunov

At the age of twelvee In the match of the season, Evgeny Dadonov scored his first goal and collected his first point. Luck was present as Sean Monahan’s shot deflected off the opponent’s skate and landed on Dadunov’s racket in front of an open net.

“It was supposed to happen one day, but I definitely feel better,” Dadunov said.

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However, the trio of Monahan, Dadunov and Anderson created plenty of offensive threats.

It happened in front of a rather crowded press gallery in the reconnaissance department. Even Pat Verbeek, general manager of the Anaheim Ducks, was in attendance.

The importance of special units

Only once in their 10-game winning streak have the Devils failed to score a power play goal.

Against the Canadiens, Hughes’ first goal was scored by a power play. Moreover, his perfect shot into the top of the net would have won a great number of goalkeepers especially as Nathan Bastian synchronized his passes well in front of Allen.

Thursday night, in Columbus, the Canadian will try to bounce back after this first setback in four games. Saturday, it will be more than a duel against the Flyers on Montreal soil.